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Nesting: Artsy Bathroom Shelves

Nesting instinct is now kicking in! Though instead of going straight for the baby room, I’m starting with small spaces, like the bathroom. Plus, we don’t know little one’s gender yet so that’s a factor in delaying the big baby project.

Bathrooms are tricky to streamline since you’ve got so much stuff with clashing packaging. You can buy generic pump bottles and storage, but not all products come in refill packs. Since it’s not realistic for me to prettify the sink area, I concentrated on just two shelves to work on:

Artsy Bathroom Shelves on Scissors and Synths

I forgot to take a “before” photo, but these shelves lined up bottles of cologne, room fragrances, and extra rolls of TP.

Tip #1: Sort toiletries to keep, give away, and dispose if expired. This is the first, and probably hardest step! But it’s essential to lessen clutter. I relocated items that I don’t use everyday into a drawer below the sink.

Tip #2: Retail display for your toiletries. Instead of simply lining up your toiletries, try to display them as if it were a store shelf – labels facing front. This works with fragrances since they usually come in pretty bottles. This way, you can easily see what you have.

Tip #3: Add some art! Garance Dore greeting cards from Powerbooks look great in this wood frame (from National Bookstore).

Artsy Bathroom Shelves on Scissors and Synths

You can also add some quirky figurines to break up the toiletries. I started out with a kitschy blue owl in the bottom shelf, but it didn’t go with the fashion prints above it. Replaced it with this white robot I got from a design store beside the Louvre.

Artsy Bathroom Shelves on Scissors and Synths

And, like most women, I take a long time getting ready in the morning. This hourglass helps me limit bathroom time by 30 minutes! At least I won’t be checking the time on my phone with soapy or makeup-y fingers.

Artsy Bathroom Shelves on Scissors and Synths

Small artsy accents do make a big impact. Hope you enjoy these nesting tips. On to the next room…

– Jo 🙂


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