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Instax Photo Wall

Decided to “upgrade” my Instax wall this morning. I think photo walls are awesome. I remember being so enamored with them in my Lomo days. Back in 2007, a group of lomofreaks filled two walls with hundreds of photos for the LomoLove exhibit in Cubao X. Memories! Must find pictures of those in my mom’s house…

ANYWAY, this is a simpler photo wall project, which uses several wall pockets. Each holds up to 10 Instax photos. So say you have 50 photos for your wall, you just need to stick 5 wall pockets instead of 50 individual photos.

Here is the before photo:


These four wall pockets were part of the first purchase I ever made with Photojojo. Good thing I was able to find it locally at Lil’ Whims Instax Shop.

What you need:

  1. Photo wall pockets
  2. Blu-tac (Or any tack adhesive. I used Faber Castell Tack-It, but will refer to it as Blu-tac. It’s like Colgate is to toothpaste.)
  3. Instax photos

Step 1: Plan your layout depending on your wall and how many wall pockets you have. From four I upgraded to 15, and moved it to the adjacent wall without the light switches. If you’re OC you can take measurements.


Step 2: Use Blu-tac to stick the wall pockets. This won’t leave any marks or residue that would damage the wall or the pockets. Do not use masking tape or double sided tape! Washi tape is an option, but it might not be able to carry the weight as well as Blu-tac.


You can opt to insert your photos into the pockets before sticking them on the wall, but I think it’s more fun to have them up on the wall empty and start filling in your “canvas”.

Step 3: Now the fun part – get your photos and fill in the pockets! I needed 150 photos. I found boxes dating back to 2009!


If you don’t have an Instax, you can resize photos to credit card size and have them printed. Note that wallet size prints will not fit.

You can sort and display photos by subject, special event, or color. I decided to just mix it up. I’m lazy that way. The good thing about this is you can make mistakes and move the photos around as desired.


And here is the upgraded photo wall:



– Jo 🙂


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