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Holiday Gift Guide: It’s made in the Philippines!

Here’s a quick (and late – hey it’s still Wednesday in other parts of the world!) post on three local products that would make great gifts – Aromateria Solid Perfume, Sustainably Made Phone Stand, and Sparrow Room Fragrance.

And for those who want to make charitable donations, you can opt to give the gift of Mingo – a donation through Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation that would provide high-nutrient meals to children who are in danger of malnutrition due to the super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan.

Note that this isn’t a paid post, just sharing some great stuff! 🙂


Holiday Gift Guide Made in the Philippines - Scissors and Synths

I needed gifts for an upcoming trip abroad. These solid perfume sticks (PhP 250) are perfect – apart from being “Proudly handmade in the Philippines” as indicated, they’re small and easy to pack as well. Instead of gift-wrapping them, I placed them inside these cute woven coin purses (PhP 50) from SM Kultura.

I love the packaging and the scent names – Sherlock, Winterfell, Hermione, Everdeen! Here are some of my picks:

  • BEACH BUNNY (sea spray and sugar) – I kept this for myself!
  • ATHENA (olive and grapefruit)
  • EVERDEEN (eucalyptus and ivy flower)
  • HERMIONE (grapefruit, almond and honey)
  • SHERLOCK (bergamot and cedarwood)
  • BLUE ÖYSTER (citrus, marine and salt)
  • WINTERFELL (mint, oakmoss and cucumber)

Holiday Gift Guide Made in the Philippines - Scissors and Synths

I’m interested to try the Beer Soap next. They have nice postcards, too, with words like “Keribels” and “Echosera” hehe. Aromateria is available at AC+632 in Greenbelt 5 Makati. You can also order via the Aromateria Facebook page here.


Holiday Gift Guide Made in the Philippines - Scissors and Synths

Rob actually got this phone stand as a gift. But I had to have one, too (PhP 150 lang)! It’s so simple and elegant – wood always is! It’s premium Honduras Mahogany to be exact:

All products are made from sustainably farmed hardwood trees and are fashioned from branches, stumps and scrap wood so that no wood is wasted at the tree farm. Each wooden product is crafted, sanded and finished by local farm workers from around the tree farm community.

Holiday Gift Guide Made in the Philippines - Scissors and Synths

There is bigger tablet stand version (PhP 350) and a phone and tablet stand set (PhP 475). They also have pretty cool wine servers, serving boards, and a 24-inch pepper mill! Order through AVA or check out the Sustainably Made Facebook page here.


Holiday Gift Guide Made in the Philippines - Scissors and Synths

This Grasslands room and linen spray was also a gift from my sister (Teh, I had to check the price for this post hehe – PhP 799). Super bango! I like that it’s not overpowering, and just smells natural and fresh…as morning dew… 😀

And it’s so matchy-matchy with my pet bird from Venice!

Holiday Gift Guide Made in the Philippines - Scissors and Synths

Sparrow Fragrances is a new line from my sister’s friends, Cat Cantada and Isabel de Dios, co-owners of Belle & Cat Nail and Wax Studio.

“Like a humble sparrow, a representation of God’s love, we believe no one is insignificant. We bring with us on this flight, the hope that you will find yourselves in our creations.”

Here are the other room fragrances:

  • NEST is a dreamy infusion of calming lavender and earthy tea leaves.
  • BREAKFAST IN BED is a soulful cup of hot chocolate with a hint of almond.
  • HOME SWEET HOME is the aroma of sweet vanilla that brings back memories of mom’s freshly baked treats.

They also have a line of EDT – Faith, Feather, Love Song, Sky, Summer, Sunrise. Follow Sparrow Fragrances on Twitter or shop online at Seek the Uniq. Better yet, have a mani-pedi at Belle & Cat and shop there!


Holiday Gift Guide Made in the Philippines - Scissors and Synths

Photo by Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation

A colleague referred me to Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation’s Mingo Cards – for a small donation (PhP 250) you get a greeting card saying that a contribution was made in the name of the recipient. You can also opt to sponsor a child for six months (PhP 1,250).

Wait, but what’s Mingo?

Mingo meals…serve as complementary food for infants, toddlers and young children during the vulnerable period of early growth, providing them with the ingredients necessary for optimal growth and development of psychomotor functions, brain, growth, and cognitive functions, aid in developing immunity versus infectious diseases, and help in preventing malnutrition.

1.5 million Filipino children are in danger of malnutrition as a result of super typhoon Yolanda. Through NVC Foundation, you can provide typhoon-affected kids with daily Mingo meals for 6 months to fight malnutrition for the long-term.

This is such a great alternative for so many reasons – you get to help out Yolanda victims, you spread awareness of the foundation’s nutrition program, no more racking your brain for appropriate gift ideas for the nth person on your Christmas list, you also avoid packed malls and holiday traffic. And you feel good for doing good! Beat that.

For Manila residents, please contact 0949.194.9020. I picked up my cards at a Rockwell location, but I believe there is also a Greenhills pick-up point. You can also send a PM at the NVC Foundation’s Facebook page here.

I hope you guys enjoyed this simple holiday gift guide!

– Jo


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  1. Jasmag
    December 12, 2013

    Always love, love your posts Trippy! 🙂

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