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Unicorn Cardboard Safari

Not exactly DIY, but more of an assemble-it-yourself project! Got this unicorn wall decor from Urban Outfitters in Oxford Street, London. It comes in a flat pack, smaller than letter size paper.


Each piece is numbered and the instructions are pretty easy to follow.


There are about 23 main pieces, excluding the tiny parts for the horn.


It’s a breeze to assemble once you get the three biggest pieces together.


Here it is slowly coming together…


Attaching the nose…


Don’t forget the hair! I think ill switch this up with some metallic or rainbow ones sometime…


Hang on a hook and you’re all done!


Merlin Jr. up front…


White on white looks great, but I thought I’d try adding some color…


You can’t go wrong with bright beads and shades. 🙂


Check out all the other cool stuff from Cardboard Safari at their Etsy shop. Me want more!


– Jo


2 comments on “Unicorn Cardboard Safari

  1. zoe krylova
    January 11, 2014

    thanks for this great blog entry and fun photos! merlin is looking sharp! i posted a link on the cardboard safari facebook page and will add to one of our pinterest boards as well.

    • Scissors & Synths
      January 24, 2014

      Hi Zoe! Thank you so much for sharing my Merlin 🙂 I love accessorizing him haha!

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