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Travel Tip: Multi-purpose O-rings

Here’s a travel tip post to get back into the blogging groove after, well, a trip! So apologies for the long absence. I’m looking forward to sharing some London/Paris/Venice/Rome highlights with you in the next weeks.

Let’s start off with these multi-purpose circular rings which I picked up from National Bookstore. A set of five costs PhP 26. These pull apart to open, hence the hinge, and come in different sizes.


You can use them in different ways all throughout your trip like:

1. A sturdy luggage tag ring. This tag came with a flimsy string so I replaced it with this metal ring.


2. A bag lock. Slip it through the zipper and the strap ring and all your stuff is safe and secure as you go sightseeing! It’s no combination lock, but it’s an extra step to make it a hassle for someone who wants to rob you.


3. A cardigan or scarf ring. No need to overstuff your purse with a cardigan or scarf! Hang it through the ring, and your hands are free, too. Skip this for delicate knits that could snag, though.


4. A toiletry bag hanger. Because we used the towel rack for drying laundry (a future post on this one!), you can use the o-ring around the door knob to hang your toiletry kit.


I’m sure there are other uses for this simple ring that I haven’t thought of yet. For the affordable price, I definitely recommend you pick up these multi-purpose o-rings for your next trip!

– Jo


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