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DIY Geometric Plant Box

Found this “geo ball” template from Zu Galerie, a crafty French blog (check out their shop, too). Just use Google Translate to read the instructions in English.

I used the template to make a geometric plant box for one of my new pretty greens.


What you need:

  1. Printed template (I enlarged it in Photoshop so it would fit my plant)
  2. Scrap cardboard
  3. Glue
  4. Cutter, ruler, cutting mat
  5. Washi tape (optional)
  6. Plastic to keep cardboard dry

Just print the template, trace it onto the cardboard and cut.


Score the cardboard so it will fold easily.


Fold and glue the overlapping sides together. While the glue was drying I secured it with a stapler. Better to use paper binder clips instead.


Decorate with washi tape!


Line the inside of your plant box with plastic and insert your plant and you’re done!



– Jo


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