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New Shops: Pylones & Cotton On Kids

Shopping finds from two fairly new shops – French gift shop Pylones, and Cotton On Kids.

With a storefront like this, you wouldn’t miss Pylones in Glorietta 5. I read that you pronounce it as “pee-loan.”


A bonus is it’s next to Uniqlo! Picked up this Dahlia phone case:


And a cute multi-tool hammer:



I also got a maracas (shouldn’t they come in pairs though?) for my nephew:

On my wishlist – more from the Dahlia line…


And cute office and kitchen accessories:


Pylones is an abubot wasteland!

Dropped by Cotton On Kids in Greenbelt 5 to pick up gifts for our niece and a friend’s baby:


But got a few stuff for myself, too! This Rob the Robot tumbler – for obvious reasons:


Matches the drummer robot I got Rob a few years back from Bangkok. And to get a 30% discount voucher for the next purchase, we got a no-battery dynamo penguin flashlight to make the PhP 2,000 cut off:


Another switch reveals its wing to generate the energy:


How cute is that?!

– Jo


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