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New Greens

Picked up some new plants for my piggy planter! These are small hydroculture plants from Miura in Megamall.


They’re supposed to be easy to care for – minimal watering every two weeks and keeping them away from sunlight. Hoping my amateur green thumb can handle that!


The saleslady dubbed this the “love plant” – Fittonia Verschaffelti. I like how the red in the leaves pop out because of the red planter.


And how could I not get a money tree – Pachira Aquatica.


This spiky one – Haworthia Fasciata – didn’t have a special power but got it for contrasting shape and texture.


And just another redundant photo…


Also picked up this cool watering can attachment from Japan Home Store. You get to reuse an old plastic bottle with it. Isn’t it pretty?


– Jo


2 comments on “New Greens

  1. Femi
    August 1, 2014

    That piggy planter is so cute!!! I want! Where did you buy that?

    • Scissors & Synths
      August 1, 2014

      Hi Femi! I got it from a shop in Glorietta 4 called Roy & Biv 🙂 Love your planters btw!

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