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New Shops: Basic House, FamilyMart, Roy&Biv

Today I want to share with you three new shops I recently visited – Basic House, Family Mart, and Roy&Biv.

Basic House

Basic House is a Korean clothing brand. They’ve got really nice…basics, of course! I visited their Megamall branch (Building B Upper Ground). Prices for tops range from PhP 400 – 1,500. I got this gray polo shirt with mini-hearts:

basic house heart shirt

I didn’t have time to browse and try bottoms. Their local Facebook page doesn’t have much, so I went to the Korean online shop and found these pretties:

Slouchy pants! I saw these printed ones in Megamall. These harem-ish sporty pair looks real comfy, too.

basic house printed trousers

This lovely trench, and this genius skirt-and-leggings-in-one! Fingers crossed that I’ll see these on my next visit!

basic house trench

Photo Source


FamilyMart, Japan’s convenience store chain, recently opened in Manila. The main one is in Glorietta 3, but I chanced upon the one at the Ayala MRT station. Convenient indeed!


I had wanted to get the triangular sushi I had in Japan, but since it was past 8 pm they didnt have any left. I ended up buying their branded Japanese snacks:


The cheese rings were not spicy though. This is just a bigger (and more expensive) version of Cheez Curls. The squid crackers, on the other hand, were really yummy – not too salty with a hint of sweetness. And, it’s squid shaped!!!



Roy&Biv is a lifestyle store (aka abubot store) that is pure eye candy. The name, judging from the store design, is a play on the rainbow’s color initials ROYGBIV. How could you not go in this store:


You can’t take pictures inside, and I couldn’t commit to impulse buys 5 minutes before closing time, so here are photos of their outdoor display. Click photos to view larger.



There are cheap items like drinking bottles, costume jewelry, sunglasses, soap, room fragrance. And there are expensive items, mostly home decor – vintage yellow beetle car, red double decker London Bus, large ceramic animals, ceramic and wooden picture frames. I’ve been meaning to add to my ceramic zoo, finding companions for my owl and bunny. Perhaps a red pig planter (middle left)…


Or a big green owl (middle, at back)…


Or a yellow bird (bottom right)…?


Prepare to be overwhelmed when you enter. The product arrangement by color is lovely as a whole, but makes it a bit hard to browse each individual item since there’s a lack of contrast. The setup reminds me of the store Apostrophe, perhaps its the same company. I can’t find them anywhere online, so visit them at the 2F Glorietta 4.

How about you – been to any new shops lately? Feel free to share them here! πŸ™‚

– Jo


2 comments on “New Shops: Basic House, FamilyMart, Roy&Biv

  1. Jac :)
    June 26, 2013

    I liked the squid chips from Family Mart too! Yummm!

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