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The dog who made me like dogs

Last Saturday, we said goodbye to Brody. He was 12.

brody 1

He was Rob’s dog, once an energetic Belgian Malinois who would eagerly show off his fetching tricks, and would “herd” me away from the gate when leaving. He loved it when he gets his ears cleaned with swabs, too.


Most people remember him for dragging me down the street during one walk where he chased after a cat. I didn’t even notice the blood dripping off my arm. But I’ll always remember him as the dog who made me like dogs.


I wasn’t always a dog person (there are more cat posts here than dog ones if you notice). Brody and his partner in crime, a yellow lab named Bisoy, helped me discover that the canine kind are sweet and adorable, despite being so smelly!

Brody & Bisoy

Brody and Bisoy were often my film camera subjects.

While on a walk with Rob, Brody found Biscuit at the village pound, a rescue dog I would later adopt in 2008. This white, scruffy, formerly heartworm-infected, blind dog is Brody’s legacy to me.


So, Brody, thank you for teaching me that dogs are cool, too, and for the gift of Biscuit. Goodbye. 🙂

– Jo


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