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Rubber Stamped Canvas Shoes

I really like these quirky flats by Loly in the Sky:


These served as the inspiration for my rubber stamped flats!


What you need:

  1. Plain canvas flats (SM Department Store and Cotton On have nice and cheap ones)
  2. Rubber stamps
  3. Ink pad

This is really a self-explanatory project – just stamp on your canvas shoes! Here are some tips though:

Tip #1: Practice stamping your design on paper first, to familiarize yourself with spacing and placement. You can’t “undo” once you’ve stamped them onto the shoes.


I was thinking of doing the “me/you” design, but words might look better as light colored stamps on dark colored shoes. So I used these Muji face stamps instead. The closed-eye-with-lashes stamp is so cute. You can see above I had a hard time choosing between the smiley mouth or the lips.

Tip #2: Use an ink pad that’s made for stamping on fabric. At the time I didn’t have any, so I just used a regular stamp pad. This means I can’t get these shoes wet since the ink might run. You can get Versacraft ink pads for paper and fabric from Lasting Impression.


Tip #3: After inking, wipe off any ink on the edges of the stamp. You can see bits of ink around one eye of the shoe on the left above.

Place your hand under the area of the shoe you’re going to stamp on, so you can control the pressure.

Hope you enjoyed this super easy Loly-inspired project!


– Jo


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