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DIY Clay Pendant

This is my first clay project. Picked up some air drying clay from Deovir Megamall (PhP 152 for 300g). I decided to make a lace-imprint pendant.


What you need:

  1. Air drying clay
  2. Cookie cutters
  3. Anything that can imprint a design on the clay. I used a lace shaped silicone coaster.
  4. Craft rolling pin
  5. Flexible cutting mat to protect your table


Step 1: Roll clay into a ball and flatten to 1/4 inch thickness with the rolling pin. I found the clay to be a bit sticky at first, but after a few minutes exposed to the air it becomes more manageable to shape and stamp on.

Step 2: Place the lace on top of the clay and use the rolling pin to evenly imprint the design to the clay. You can also use rubber stamps.

Step 3: Use cookie cutters to shape your pendant and don’t forget to make a hole to string your pendant later on. Use a barbecue stick to poke a hole through. Slightly bend the cutting mat to lift off the clay, and place on a sheet of wax paper to dry. Drying time is 24 hours. I’m looking into using an oven-bake clay (comes in different colors!) for the next project to eliminate the long drying time.


Step 4: Once dry, string your chain through the hole and you’re done! You can opt to paint your pendant with acrylic paint, but I quite like the white ceramic look.



– Jo


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