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DIY Polish-Painted & Decoupage Flower Vases

Repurposing old bottles as vases is nothing new, so this DIY project is about adding color and graphic accents.


Polish-Painted Vases

Plastic bottles are…well, plastick-y! Cheap-looking, we throw it in the recycle bin immediately. But who want’s to throw away a honey bear bottle?!

Try tinting plastic bottles to make it look less cheap. Most online tutorials are on glass bottle tinting, and spray painting. I didn’t want to spend for spray paint so I thought of using nail polish. But I wanted to tint the inside of the bottle, like in glass tinting. Pardon the lack of how-to photos, but I needed both hands for this project, and wasn’t sure if using polish would work at all. Thankfully, it did.

What you need:

  1. Old plastic bottles
  2. Nail polish
  3. Acetone or nail polish remover
  4. Plastic cup
  5. Newspaper to protect your workspace


Step 1: Make sure your plastic bottles are clean and dry. Goo Gone is pretty good at removing any residue from the labels. You can get this at hardware stores.

Step 2: Pour nail polish into the bottle. You only need a little, at most about half a teaspoon. Dilute it with some acetone to make it more watery and easier to spread inside the bottle.

Step 3: Roll the mixture around by rotating the bottle. You can also opt to shake it inside the bottle; just be sure you’ve got the cap on.

Step 4: Once you’re satisfied with the coverage, pour out the mixture into the plastic cup and discard. Depending on the bottle shape, you may need to tilt it from side to side for all of it to come out, and also to prevent it from pooling and drying in a certain area. If the bottle can stand upside down, let it drain in the newspaper.

Step 5: When dry, wash the bottle to get rid of any acetone and polish residue. Fill with water and flowers and you’re done!


Honey bear bottle is now neon yellow green thanks to Orly, which I think goes great with hot pink flowers.


This angular bottle is a Listerine Mouthwash bottle.


Its shape reminded me of a gemstone so I decided on a shimmery polish for this one.


As you can see, I’m no good at flower arranging, but for some reason I went on making more vases (a second project below!)…

Decoupage Glass Vases

After sharing my honey bear vase project with my sister, she gave me two empty perfume bottles. I attempted to polish-paint them, but alas, the polish did not stick to glass. I washed the polish out with water and had to re-think this project.


I had always wanted to try decoupage, but at the time of this project, I didn’t have Mod Podge yet. But I went on to use sticker paper and (again!) clear polish to “seal” the edges on to the glass.

What you need:

  1. Glass bottle
  2. Your design printed on sticker paper
  3. Clear nail polish

Step 1: Print your design on sticker paper and cut out. Laser print might be best. Inkjet prints could run/bleed when polish is applied. Using sticker paper also means you don’t have to use any glue to adhere it to the glass.


Step 2: Stick it onto the bottle and paint on the clear polish on the edges of your design.


Step 3: Fill with water and flowers and you’re done! To make these waterproof, spray some fixative, or clear acrylic paint.


I searched for free vintage dog clipart and found a Biscuit lookalike! For this smaller bottle, the perfume brand is printed on the glass so I just used the back of the bottle.


Let some flowers into your home with these simple DIY vase projects!

– Jo


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