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Snack Jar Guard Dog

Here’s a quick and easy DIY jar project. Embellish plain jar tops with an animal figurine and some fabric tape, to make it office desk-worthy.

I chose a dog figurine for this project. So I can have a guard dog “protecting” my snacks!


What you need:

  1. Jar
  2. Plastic animal figurine
  3. Nail polish
  4. Fabric tape
  5. Super glue
  6. Scissors


Step 1 (Optional): Paint the dog with bronze nail polish and let it dry. I used polish since its cheaper than buying a big can of spray paint for such a small project. This could use a coat of fixative as well, but I didn’t have any either. This is budget crafting!


I think this makes it look a little more grown up.


Step 2: Cover the jar top with fabric tape. I first thought of painting it with polish too but figured it would take several coats to hide the design. I switched from red fabric tape to brown to complement the bronze polish I used. These cute dotted tapes were Christmas gifts from an officemate. I did say budget, right?!

Start covering the top first. It’s ok to have a bit of excess over the edge.


Fold over the excess, then cover it with a strip of tape all around the sides.


You can also try using washi tape as long as its opaque enough. Note that you’ll only be able to wash the inside of the jar top once this is done. So if you’re thinking of storing food, best it be dry food (cereal, dried fruit, nuts, individually wrapped candy, etc.).

Step 3: Stick the dog figurine on the jar top with super glue.

Tip: If your jar isn’t completely cylindrical and you want the figurine to be facing a certain direction, screw the top onto the jar to figure out your placement, before gluing.


Step 4: Fill your jar with yummy snacks and you’re done!



– Jo


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