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My first MAC lipstick (because the packaging was cute)

I’m not a lipstick person. Or a makeup person for that matter. But because of raccoon eyes, I have to offset with some cheek and lip color.

Anyway, this is not a makeup review post. It’s more of a look-at-the-lovely-packaging post!

I saw the MAC Archie’s Girls Collection while browsing in Multiply sometime in March. I love how they used the older/retro versions of the characters.


They launched this collection in Manila in early February, so naturally, they were all sold out by March in MAC stores. They still had the samples (did not want to try them on my lips though), and after reading reviews, I settled for Betty’s Oh Oh Oh.

I ordered this online from Carefree Shopper. It’s scary brown on the tube!


But super sheer with a sparkly-gold sheen to it. Official description is “sheer brown plum.” I don’t know how beauty bloggers do these selfies, it’s so hard.


Here it is with a Tony Moly gloss that I also bought because of the packaging.


– Jo


2 comments on “My first MAC lipstick (because the packaging was cute)

  1. Gigi
    April 3, 2013

    I love it Jo, looks great on you… And the packaging is so you 🙂

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