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Organizing Tip: Clearbooks and S-Hooks

A peek into my weekend reading:

Clearbooks and S-Hooks in Scissors and Synths

Yes, I like organizing. Probably because I’m a bit messy, not to mention a (craft materials) hoarder. So I need books like these to help me tidy up. I haven’t started on the Martha Stewart one, but I’m sure what I’m about to share is also in there.

Two simple, yet super useful, organizing tools are clearbooks and s-hooks.

Clearbooks clear up your paper mess:

We still use a lot of paper flyers and manuals even in this “digital age.” On a desk with papers stacked over one another, it’s hard to look for something since you have to go through each one. And it’s an eyesore. So you shove it in the drawer. Your desk is neater, but you totally forget whatever is in your drawer! Then you buy an envelope/mail sorter, and realize its too small. Either that or you just have too much paper junk.

Clearbooks and S-Hooks in Scissors and Synths

Using clearbooks has been the most effective paper declutterer for me.

Clearbooks and S-Hooks in Scissors and Synths

The first step to prevent paper pile-up is sorting. The initial type of sorting is choosing which to keep and toss. It would be ideal to make this decision the minute you get them, but a trash can isn’t always within reach (Littering is not an option!). If you already have a pile of dusty, assorted papers (like I did), just grab a chair and sit by your trash can and start “editing.” You can even do this while watching TV, during the commercial breaks of course.

Then the next step is sorting by content. I categorized mine into:

  • Food – delivery numbers and menus, catering flyers
  • Services – price lists from salons and spas, flyers of any type of service (carpet cleaning, printing photos on canvas, getting NSO documents, etc.)
  • Products – catalogs from clothes and beauty stores, product information sheets of items you want to buy in the future, or even items you’ve already bought but want to keep track of basic usage instructions
  • Manuals – manuals, serial numbers and warranty cards, mostly for electronic gadgets and appliances

You could have more categories if needed, but keep in mind you’re trying to simplify and declutter. Now you know how many categories you have, you’ll know how many clearbooks you need.

I got my clearbooks from Muji in Bangkok, way back in 2009! I only got to use them last year. Luckily, I had four – one for each of my categories. Label them accordingly and start filing.

You can use just one clearbook, and have dividers for each category, however I kept mine separate since manuals could get quite heavy and thick. For calling cards, you can buy sleeves from National Bookstore and file to their respective categories.

Clearbooks and S-Hooks in Scissors and Synths

Clearbooks and S-Hooks in Scissors and Synths

Other tips for paper decluttering:

  • Sign up for paperless billing for your credit card and mobile phone subscriptions. You get email and/or SMS notifications instead.
  • Instead of getting a card or flyer from a shop counter, take a photo with your phone, or directly input the details into your contact list. However, do not do this when you meet someone new or at a business meeting.
  • Malls and shops are slowly becoming conscious about plastic waste and have been using paper bags. Bringing a reusable canvas bag is still the best, since you don’t accumulate paper bags at home.
  • For big boxes from shipping and packaging, reuse them if you can for storing Christmas decor or other seasonal items. Otherwise, fold them up and segregate for recycling.

Hooked on S-hooks:

My sister Mo gave me an s-hook when we we’re going to Bikram yoga together. We used it as towel and toiletry bag hangers in the studio showers. I bought my own pack from Daiso for PhP 88 to hang a bath lily in the shower.

Clearbooks and S-Hooks in Scissors and Synths

Then I looked for other things I could hang with the remainder. If you have a spare closet, you can use it for bag storage, and use s-hooks to hang backpacks neatly.

Clearbooks and S-Hooks in Scissors and Synths

Clearbooks and S-Hooks in Scissors and Synths

You can also keep it in your bag, and use as a bag hook when you eat out.

Clearbooks and S-Hooks in Scissors and Synths

If you’re messy like me, get these two things and your home will be… a little less messy!

– Jo


2 comments on “Organizing Tip: Clearbooks and S-Hooks

  1. What an OC post! But I love it! Am gonna do the clearbook thing for my manuals!

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