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Doodling on Coffee

Gifted with a Nespresso coffee machine last year (Thanks, Dad!), we started looking up coffee art on Youtube. We were amazed by this video by Umpoul and videos by KKlaboratory2 and Masa Nagano.

No matter how many tutorials I watch, I can’t pour the milk like the pros do. Maybe our milk frother produces a different consistency or texture. So I spoon it on. I also tried drawing with just the coffee, but it didn’t give me enough control. So I bought Hershey’s chocolate syrup and a squeeze bottle to draw with.

Here’s a timelapse video of me doodling on coffee:

Fun, right?

To make your own coffee art, you need:

  1. Chocolate syrup
  2. For drawing, a squeeze bottle with a small nozzle (I got mine in Landmark for only PhP 35)
  3. For etching (geometric patterns, rosettes, swirls), a barbecue stick or toothpick
  4. Cup of coffee (with milk), of course!

If you don’t have a milk frother, vigorously mix the coffee and milk to make some bubbles appear at the top so the syrup has something to “rest” on. It won’t work on black coffee though. There won’t be enough contrast between the chocolate and coffee.

You can do it on both cold and hot coffee:

Coffee Art on Scissors and Synths


Coffee Art on Scissors and Synths

Just like doodling on paper, it takes practice. Look at my FAIL chubby-lipped angry bird:

Coffee Art on Scissors and Synths

And the obligatory Biscuit photo for this post:

Coffee Art on Scissors and Synths

– Jo


2 comments on “Doodling on Coffee

  1. olive
    January 26, 2013

    galing! even the panini looks delicious!

  2. Scissors & Synths
    January 29, 2013

    Thanks! Um, the panini is store-bought haha.

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