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Photojojo goodness via Johnny Air

Now I can get Photojojo items delivered to Manila! No need to wait for balikbayan friends or relatives. This is my third Johhny Air package, but my first non-Amazon one. I’m so happy it was hassle-free.

Photojojo is a store for photography enthusiasts, they’ve got:

Novelty cameras – Polaroid, Instax, tiltshift, timelapse, double-exposure, lo-fi digital and film cameras;

Accessories for both SLR and mobile – film, straps, bags, lenses, cases, stands and tripods;

And other photography-inspired lifestyle pieces – lens mugs, film canister salt and pepper shakers, and Photoshop magnets.

What I love are the iPhone accessories. For this package, I got an Une Bobine, Gizmon iPhone Cable Trigger and a Clip-on Fisheye Lens:

Photojojo in Scissors and Synths

They ship a dinosaur in each package:

Photojojo in Scissors and Synths

Une Bobine, a super bendy phone cable and tripod in one.

I use this more as a tripod than a charger. In hindsight, maybe I should have gotten a Gorillapod instead. But this gets the job done. I’ve used it for a timelapse project; watch out for it on this week’s Crafty Friday!

Gizmon iPhone Cable Trigger, a remote shutter release for iDevices — perfect for taking photos without touching your phone, and for starting and stopping video sans camera-shake.

I initially used a Belkin Wireless Shutter Remote from Amazon (also available in Photojojo), but the downside is you can only use it with the Belkin Camera app, which I later found out is not user friendly.

With this Gizmon one, you simply plug it into the headphone jack and it works with any camera app (hello, instant filters!). It isn’t wireless though, but the retractable 30-inch cable is long enough for me. I think app compatibility and ease of use wins over the wireless feature. And how adorable is the film canister trigger?!

Fisheye Clip-on Lens for your camera phone, that slides on and off as quick as can be.

I’m a sucker for add-on lenses. This is my fourth fisheye and LAST! I have so many only because they keep improving how it connects to your phone through the years.

Here’s a mini-review of the lenses I’ve used:

2009: Illusion lens (purchased locally) – A steal at PhP 200. You can get the other types like Starburst and 6-image Mirage. It has a sticky jelly-like rim that allows you to attach it to your phone (No residue!). The downside is that, overtime, it’s less sticky because of dust.

2011: Photojojo magnetic lens – When this came out I was thinking it was an upgrade since these were glass lenses. I didn’t like the idea of sticking the metal ring on my devices, but it was the only option then. I had a 3Gs at that time, and it didn’t quite align with the camera since the phone had a curved edge. Bummer. I used it on the front-facing camera of my iPod instead.

2012: Olloclip (purchased locally) – When I read about this I loved its three-in-one feature (fisheye, wide-angle and macro). However, as I used it I didn’t like that it covered the lock switch of my phone, that I couldn’t use it on my front-facing camera, and that I’d have to remove my case with every use. I even had to remove my screen protector since the one corner kept on peeling off because of the Olloclip. I’m keeping this for the wide-angle and macro though.

Photojojo in Scissors and Synths

From top: Illusion Lens, Magnetic Lens, and Olloclip

And for 2013: This Clip-on Lens – an improvement because it clips over the case, and you can use it on both the back and front cameras! YAY!

Photojojo in Scissors and Synths

Photojojo in Scissors and Synths

Here are other items that I learned about and/or got from this awesome store:

Photojojo in Scissors and Synths

Clockwise from top left: Zumi Camera, Strap Buddy, Super Spy Lens, Polaroid Z340, Camera Extender, and the Pop-up Flash Bounce.

And my wishlist:

Photojojo on Scissors and Synths

Clockwise from top left: Gorillapod, Lensbaby Spark, Tiltpod Mobile, Photoshop Magnets, Eye-Fi, and Lens Bracelets.

Photo junkies, go check out the Photojojo store today!

– Jo

Product photos by Photojojo


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