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When you’re feeling blue

A list of things that cheer me up:

#5 Cleaning my email inbox
Because it’s repetitive, it clears my mind. It’s like taking a walk when you can’t (like when it’s raining).

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#4 Pinterest
It’s such a happy, pretty place. I don’t even have to pin anything, just browsing is enough.

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#3 Loud Music
Loud in terms of volume (though I do like rock, and I’m not a fan of “senti” songs). My siblings often laugh about this one time when we all just climbed into the car and I said “Louder, please!” but the radio wasn’t even turned on yet.

Over the years I’ve transitioned from having a palm-sized radio to a Walkman, then a Discman, and then to some 3 generations of iPods (mostly gifts which made it even more awesome). I remember saving up a few hundred pesos for cassettes of Pearl Jam, Jamiroquai and the Trainspotting Soundtrack (Vol. 1 and 2), and making sure that the insert was thick, meaning it had lyrics! I also remember my handbag being so heavy because I would have 5-10 CDs in it, and fumbling in the dark FX to change discs on the way home.

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#2 Cupcakes and/or Ice Cream
Emotional eating as Oprah said. My current favorites are red velvet cupcakes from Cupcake Lab in Podium, and Merry Moo Ice Cream from Legaspi Market. Try their Dark Chocolate or Strawberry Basil. Though I admit eating these things often even if I don’t need any cheering up.


#1 Hugs
My aunt calls me the “Official Hugger.” Whether you’re the hugger or hug-ee, whether with a human or furry friend, it’s just heartwarming and picks you up instantly.


– Jo


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