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Magnetic Kitchen Towel (Inspired by Barcelona’s Museum of Ideas & Inventions)

During a trip to Barcelona with my sister Mo, we went to MiBa, the Museum of Ideas and Inventions. It had innovative and absurd inventions, part museum and part shop. It even had a slide to go down to the lower floor! It was a refreshing break from the standard tourist sights. Here is a short description from their site:

The miba houses a wide variety of content, encompassing the fascinating spectrum of invention and creativity. Each space fulfils a specific role, with the aim of creating an interesting experience for all those involved in the creative and business processes as well as the general public. The miba has three sections: Limitless Society, Reflectionarium, Corner of the Absurd.

MiBa in Scissors and Synths

This is also where I saw the Throw Me Tea Towel, which inspired this DIY project. It’s one of those things where you go “Why didn’t I think of that?!” It’s so simple – a magnet in one corner of the towel that lets you throw it at the fridge to hang. No need for towel hooks! It was invented by Pep Torres, who also developed the museum.

MiBa in Scissors and Synths

Official photos of the Throw Me Tea Towel from the MiBa Shop.

I used to hang my kitchen towel on the drawer handles. Looks neat, but its annoying when the towel gets “eaten” when you close the lower drawers. And it’s not nice holding a damp towel to open drawers. So I thought of doing my own version of the Throw Me Tea Towel.

MiBa in Scissors and Synths

What you need:

  1. Tea/kitchen towel (There are nice 3-pack ones at Landmark)
  2. Magnet strong enough to hold the towel (I got this set of 4 magnets at National Bookstore. They’re pricey at PhP 389, but they’re pretty strong.)
  3. Needle and thread

MiBa in Scissors and Synths

Step 1: Fold and pin one corner of the towel, then insert the magnet. If you want to “preserve” the corner of your towel, find some scrap fabric, cut into a triangle and use as the pocket for your magnet. I prefer folding since it means less sewing and the fold will indicate where the magnet is.

MiBa in Scissors and Synths

Step 2: Sew the corner closed. I did a running stitch here, just be sure the magnet won’t fall out.

MiBa in Scissors and Synths

Step 3: Throw it on your fridge! Pardon the messy fridge door…

Now my drawer handles are free, and I can easily toss my towel on the fridge! I suggest you hand-wash this, since the magnet may damage your washing machine.

MiBa in Scissors and Synths

Here are more photos from MiBa:

Clockwise from left: A plate with a mirror to help dieters think that they’re eating a whole portion instead of half. Mo with the Vespa Chair. Breath Spray for many uses – Understanding Modern Art, Communicating with your Father and Accepting Aging. A remote control pillow. One of the many encouraging quotes in their display “big ideas make you feel small.”

MiBa in Scissors and Synths

Clockwise from left: Floor design “flying isn’t so hard.” Mo checking out the world’s most useless machine (the box just opens). A weird unicycle. A super cool keyboard couch. The opposite of what most signs say in museums – you’re allowed to take photos! And a shot of the interior of the museum.

MiBa in Scissors and Synths

Clockwise from left: A huge scale that says we weigh as much as Marilyn Monroe/Justin Beiber. Their lovely lightbox signs. A futuristic concept where you stand on a platform to download something. Double-knob bathroom door for dry hands and wet hands. A luggage concept with a built in scale.

MiBa in Scissors and Synths

Check out the MiBa shop for awesome products.

– Jo


2 comments on “Magnetic Kitchen Towel (Inspired by Barcelona’s Museum of Ideas & Inventions)

  1. Gabby Tripon
    December 29, 2012

    Awesome!!!! Cute video:)

  2. Scissors & Synths
    January 2, 2013

    Thanks, make yours na!

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