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Sand Cats Timelapse

In a recent trip to Boracay, I made cats instead of castles. I started out with a small one. My friend Lili took a photo of a lady taking a photo of my sand cat.


But since Hector, my sister’s cat, is my peg for everything feline, my sand cats needed to be bigger. This is Hector:


So I made more:




And more in another trip to Balesin Island, which is such a beautiful place (a separate post on that one!). Here is a timelapse video of the making of a sand cat. Enjoy!

Made on my iPhone with Motion Pics and Splice. Music is “Our World” by LTJ Bukem.


– Jo


2 comments on “Sand Cats Timelapse

  1. olive
    December 30, 2012


  2. Joanna Z.
    January 8, 2013

    reminds of angela’s sand cat.

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