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Textured hang tags

Here’s another awesome find at National Bookstore – All Purpose Hang Tags. They come in different shapes and sizes. I thought this one was dainty with the scalloped edges. You get 100 tags for PhP 112. The price increases with the size.


These are great as gift tags because they’re cheap (PhP 1.12 per piece!), and each tag already has a string.


Since I used Kraft paper as gift wrap, I wanted these tags to stand out a bit. Here’s how you can easily add color to each tag to spruce them up.

What you need:

  1. Hang tags
  2. Stamp pads (light-colored, sponge-y ones work best)
  3. Colored pens
  4. Tape
  5. Scratch paper

Step 1: Tape the tag onto your scratch paper. The paper will protect the surface you’re working on from the stamp pad. Taping the tag will prevent it from moving around when you start stamping.

Choose light-colored stamp pads, so that whatever you will write on it will still be readable. I got these from kikki.K in Singapore. Locally, you can get some from a Multiply shop, Hobby Depot.


Step 2: Take the stamp pad and dab it on the tag. Continue dabbing to build up the color to get the saturation you want. I love how the sponge-y pads give it some texture.


Try an ombre effect by using two colors.


You can use them like this, or move on to Step 3 to add more decorative elements.


Step 3: Embellish and address your tags with colored pens.


Here is the finished product:


– Jo


One comment on “Textured hang tags

  1. IskatiGirl
    December 21, 2012

    Thanks for including where the stamps were bought as well as with the other materials! 🙂

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