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Tartan puppy wrap

This was my original plan for Christmas gifts before I bought the kraft paper roll. I got these red and green tartan Hallmark wrapping paper (6 sheets for PhP 75) from National Bookstore…last November! Shopping that early means you have more designs to choose from.

I like these since they seem more “grown up” compared to the ones with Christmas trees and cute little Santas and reindeers. The red version reminds me of the Assumption Highschool uniform.


First, some trivia: Is it plaid or tartan? What’s the diff? According to

“Tartan is the patterned woolen cloth that the Scottish traditional dress is made of, and plaid is only a part of that dress. Since the tartan has now became known as the pattern, its use has extended to non-textile purposes.

“Tartan originally referred to the type of cloth, and not the pattern. It is derived from the French word tiretain, from the verb tirer, which is a reference to woven cloth. Even as late as the 1830s, tartan was described as a plain cloth without any pattern. It was the Scots who introduced the patterns to the woven cloth, and over time, tartan became known what it is today: a patterned cloth.

“Plaid was the rectangular woolen scarf or cloak draped over the left shoulder of Scottish Highlanders. Today, plaid refers to any cloth with the tartan pattern.”

So tartan it is.

What you need:

  1. Tartan wrapping paper
  2. Dog stationery (Also from…You guessed it – National Bookstore.)
  3. Pencil eraser (You’ll see why below)
  4. Scissors and tape


I think any animal stationery will do. But tartan + puppy works pretty well because of the Scottish origins. Look at this adorable Westie! I think my Poodle memo pad will do for now.



Tip #1: Remove the price of your gift with an eraser. I saw a saleslady erase the price using a pencil eraser. This saves you time from trying to peel off those sticky little suckers.


Tip #2: The little details count. Matched the brown dog with the yellow collar to the green tartan which had yellow lines and earthy undertones. And the white dog with the red collar to match the red tartan.


– Jo


2 comments on “Tartan puppy wrap

  1. Joanna Z.
    December 21, 2012

    Hah! I didn’t know that you could erase the price from the sticker!

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