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Recycle clothes tags into gift tags

I’m a hoarder. I have a box of full of clothes tags and cute packaging. My sister peels off the labels from her Arizona tea bottles to give to me. I even washed Maoam candy wrappers to keep my box ant-free.


It would be such a waste to just throw nicely designed tags. They’re mostly the right size, already with a punched hole and fancy string. Some are even printed on quality card stock with interesting rivets and embellishments. With the holidays coming up, you can repurpose them into gift tags with simple craft tools. See how many tags I was able to make:


Tip #1: Let the existing design work for you.
This Forever 21 tag, from their Heritage 81 line, can easily be made to say “I love you.” I used a Dymo labeler for the word “you.” Draw and add googley eyes for added quirk!


Tip #2: Cover branding with washi tape, stickers, or solid color tags.
This Topshop tag has a lovely graphic, and all you need are stickers to cover the branding. I used an argyle-print sticker to keep the sewing theme, and smaller white label stickers from National Bookstore as To/From boxes.


Tip #3: Use the back side of the tag.
This pink tag has too much branding, but its solid color back can serve as your blank canvas. Add a cute character from another piece of scrap packaging and add To/From sticker boxes.


Tip #4: Don’t be afraid of too much print.
I didn’t think I could use this Uniqlo tag since it was covered in text, but I couldn’t let go of the rainbow-metallic finish and bright red typography. As with any design, try to achieve some balance. Here I used white label stickers to offset the print.


Tip #5: Make your tags stand out by using them with plain wrapping paper
Kraft paper or any plain wrapper is the best backdrop for your mini artworks.


11 days ’til Christmas is more than enough time to get crafty and make your own recycled gift tags!


– Jo


2 comments on “Recycle clothes tags into gift tags

  1. IskatiGirl
    December 20, 2012

    So creative! I’ll definitely do this 🙂

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