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Holiday and Memorial Wreaths

Holiday Wreath

Wreaths aren’t really popular here in Manila. During Christmas, it’s all about the tree (and the food!). Probably because a wreath is such a fall/winter thing. But when I saw the twig wreaths at Saizen in Robinson’s Galleria, I had to have them! I thought they would go well with the extra felt flowers I had made. And it cost only PhP 85!

For this holiday wreath, all you need are felt leaves and flowers and a glue gun.



Memorial Wreath

My lola passed away early this morning. She was 101. She is finally reunited with the love of her life after 20 years.


She was a bit of a crafter herself! She sewed a lot. I remember she made quilts. She worked as a law librarian, so she was very organized with her keepsakes. I’m not sure scrapbooking was the term for it then, but her children each had their own hardbound book with photos, academic cards, certificates, childhood drawings and DIY cards they gave her, even clippings if they had been mentioned in the newspaper. I enjoy looking through those.

I want to share this memorial wreath project that I did for her. “L” is for Lourdes.


What you need:

  1. Twig wreath (You can get one at Saizen)
  2. Scrap cardboard
  3. Washi tape
  4. Felt flowers and leaves
  5. Glue gun
  6. Scissors, cutter, cutting mat

Step #1: Print the letter template. If you don’t have any design software, you can use MS Word. Choose a font that would be easy to cut. Print your letter and cut. Trace it onto your cardboard. I trace the opposite way so I can hide the pencil marks on the back. Cut out your letter from the cardboard.


Step #2: Cover your letter with washi tape. Turn your letter right side up, then cover with washi tape. You can opt to paint it, cover with fabric, glitters, anything to make it pretty. Cut out the excess tape with a cutter.


Step #3: Make additional decorative elements (optional). To fill out the space, I cut out a small cardboard circle, covered it in polka dot fabric tape and added a heart. Tied it vertically across the wreath’s center.


Step #3: Glue the felt flowers.


– Jo

Originally posted in Facebook on November 22.


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