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Snail mail-inspired gift wrapping

I picked up a roll of kraft paper at National Bookstore (only PhP 66!) and here’s how I used it for snail mail/parcel-inspired gift wrapping.


What you need:

  1. Kraft paper
  2. Scissors and tape
  3. Ribbon, rubber stamps, washi tape, stickers

Took this picture with Biscuit for a size comparison of the kraft roll, but it didn’t quite work out. Haha. On the right, you’ll see it’s about 18 inches wide. Just not sure of the total length, but it’s definitely more material and cheaper than buying 6 sheets of printed gift wrapper for PhP 75.


This green gadget is the best tape dispenser EVAR! Squeeze and it dispenses and cuts the tape for you. You can also half-squeeze until you have your desired length of tape then cut. I got it in Bestsellers/National Bookstore in Podium for around PhP 300. Yes, I go to National A LOT.

So, all you really need to do is wrap your gift and tie with a nice ribbon. I’m using red and green baker’s twine for a Christmas-sy candy cane feel.


To further achieve the snail mail look, add some stickers shaped like postal stamps. Or, better yet, use real stamps. That is, if you still get mail. (You can soak the used postal stamps in a bowl of water until the stamp peels off. Something I learned from my Mom when I had a stamp collection.)


You can also use rubber stamps to make your own print on the kraft paper. Here’s a birthday sample:


And you’re done!

– Jo

Originally posted in Facebook on November 21.


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