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Toothpick flags aren’t just for sandwiches

Try “sealing” your gifts with washi tape flags!


What you need:

  1. The wrapped gift you intend to seal (Only works for envelopes and gift bags)
  2. Toothpicks
  3. Washi or decorative tape
  4. Ticket puncher and scissors

I recommend a ticket puncher instead of a regular paper puncher. Ticket punchers make smaller holes, just the right size for a toothpick. You can buy a ticket puncher in National Bookstore for PhP 49. Just tell the sales person “Yung puncher na ginagamit ng konduktor sa bus.”

Step #1: Punch two holes at the top and add any other embellishments like stamps or stickers to your wrapper.


Step #2: Make your washi tape flag. Cut a 2 inch strip of tape and place the toothpick in the middle. Fold the tape and cut out a triangle to make the flag.


Step #3: Place your gift in the wrapper. And add even more embellishments! I like the snail mail look so I’m adding some stamp stickers.


Step #4: “Seal” with the toothpick flag by slipping it into the 2 holes.


So simple yet festive!

– Jo

Originally posted in Facebook on November 20.


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