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Reusable birthday banner

If you find uber-cute stationery like this cat notepad, you have to find a reason to “immortalize” it. So I thought of making a birthday banner to whip out every year.


What you need:

  1. Stationery or any paper of your choice
  2. Permanent markers or paint to write the letters
  3. Puncher and scissors
  4. String
  5. Lamination service (Most photocopy places also offer lamination)

Step #1: Write one letter on one sheet. I found this cute Jetoy-inspired cat notepad in Bestsellers/National Bookstore in Podium, for about PhP 50. Also tried out my new calligraphy pens from Rob. You can spell whatever you like, with one letter in one sheet. Make sure to test the ink on the paper. I had wanted to alternate tuxedo cat and white cat, but the ink wouldn’t dry on the latter.


Step #2: Laminate and cut. The next step is to have each letter laminated. This will make it reusable. Then cut to shape.


Step #3: Punch holes and string. Punch two holes with a ticket puncher – this makes smaller holes than a regular puncher. Two holes ensures that the right side of the sheet faces out.

I used black and white baker’s twine. So the ends won’t fray, put some tape around it, making it stiff like shoelaces so it’s easier to thread through the holes. When done stringing, knot the ends to permanently prevent fraying.


Here’s a fisheye shot on our bare wall. The letters stack up for easy storage.


– Jo

Originally posted in Facebook on November 17.


2 comments on “Reusable birthday banner

  1. Chiara B
    January 3, 2013

    this is an awesome idea, jo!

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