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Felt like doing something with felt

This is the first DIY project I shared online and is what made friends suggest that I create a blog. The first of several “retroactive” Crafty Friday posts.

I had wanted to make some photobooth props for my wedding last January. So I bought some felt from Saizen in Robinson’s Galleria hoping to make lips, mustaches and glasses that people could hold up for pictures. But with all the other things to take care of, I never got around to it. I came across this felt flower tutorial and wanted to try it out immediately because they were just so pretty!

I decided to put them on my red flats from SM (buy one take one!). I love how the felt comes in packs of monochromatic colors.


I made more than enough flowers last night because they were so easy to make. I was too lazy to “seal” the flower with a glue gun, much more sew it, so I just used Elmer’s White Glue. I chose to put 3 flowers on each shoe. I had to sew them together first. I just used the sewing kit from a recent Sofitel stay.


The hardest part was sewing it on the shoes. On hindsight, my tip for you is: Use a glue gun! Oh and don’t forget to cut little leaves to serve as a contrast color. Here is the finished product:


Even Biscuit likes ’em!


– Jo

Originally posted in Facebook on November 15.


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